JDC/JDY concrete mixer

Bona JDC concrete mixer is a kind of the single horizontal shaft mixer that integrates with mechianical, hydraulic and electical. The mixing system depends on the  cylindrical gear to rotate, it works reliably. The feeding part adopts the lifting electric machine, stable and safe. The discharging part adopts dual-role hydraulic cylinder to rotate, thereby out feeding is fast and clean. The hydraulic system is controlled by the reversing value, and it is easy to operate. The series of mixers can mix concretes, sulurry, mortar with all kinds of mixing proportion. Be suitable  or all types of small and medium-sized building projects.

JDC350 concrete mixer


Model JDC350(Gear-driven) JDC500(Gear-driven) JDY350(Hydraulic) JDY500(Hydraulic)
Discharging Volume 350L 500L 350L 500L
Charging Volume 560L 800L 560L 800L
Max.aggregate size 60/40mm 80/60mm 60/40mm 80/60mm


17.5m3/h 25~30m3/h 18~21m3/h 25~30m3/h
Mixing blades rotating-speed 27.6r/min 27.6r/min 28r/min 24r/min
Motors power 15kw 18.5kw 19.55kw 27.75kw
Mixing time 30s 30s 30s 30s
Dragging 20km/h 18km/h 20km/h 18km/h
Total weight 3700kg 4000kg 3700kg 4000kg
Dimension 2600x2600x3100mm 2820x2900x3260mm 2600x2600x3100mm 2820x2900x3260mm


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